Member Testimonials

Find out what our members say about being a part of the Maple Leaf Singers!

“Singing with a group that sings really well is an uplifting experience. Performing is a real rush too. Bonus – singing is good for your health!”

“It’s great having something creative outside of work – a space in the week where you are spirited to a different world.”

“I enjoy the music. I enjoy the people. And, I enjoy entertaining our audiences. Singing with the Maple Leaf Singers has been my hobby for 35 years.”

“After 18 years, I’ve made some very close friends; I can’t imagine not being in the Maple Leaf Singers.”

“I love to sing – I feel so energized to be part of a wonderful group of singers and entertainers. We work hard, but we have lots of laughs and fun each week preparing for our concerts.”

“We have wonderful people as members of the Maple Leaf Singers. I’ve made great new friends (who are now old friends!).”

“I look forward to singing every week. Focusing on the music clears my head and energizes me, even after a tiring day. The singers are diverse in background, but we all have the same goal – to sing, to have some fun, and to use our gift to entertain others.”

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